The experience

the hand-made pasta masters


La pasta originale

The authentic tradition of Italian gastronomy is the hand-made pasta. Only the strenght of a man is needed, over a wooden table, with a rolling pin and knife. The result of this devoted and exhausting work is pasta of unequaled quality.

Cenacolo Experience

Dinner at Cenacolo is not only a gastronomic experience but a cultural journey where modern Italian philosophy is reflected in every little detail. This can be seen , felt and experienced . By taste you can feel the connection between the vibrations of the earth and hands that have the knowledge capable of transforming natural products into delicious dishes. This ancient knowledge learned and developed over time is indeed the great contribution of this noble cuisine.

The wine

Wine is a living thing which evokes different memories for different people as they discover it´s flavors when drinking it. Every wine has to go through a very strict selection process before being adopted by Cenacolo´s wine cellar.