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Ancestral ingredients

For more than 30 years, Cenacolo has specialized in offering its guests an authentic Italian menu. This reason has given us the opportunity to reach the North of the country and receive the prestigious Ospitalita Italiana Award, a recognition given by the Italian Chamber of Commerce to restaurants that preserve the tradition through ancestral and innovative dishes made with high quality ingredients.

Part of the gastronomic experience that our guests have the opportunity to enjoy is thanks to our careful selection of ingredients, which achieve a unique and special Mediterranean flavor

We are thrilled to present you some of the ingredients we use and the parameters on which we base our selection.

* Extra virgin olive oil: In addition to being a key ingredient in our cuisine, we look for a large selection of international oils as it is available to our guests to accompany with their raw dishes.

* Prosciutto: In its selection, it is sought to bring it directly from the region of Tuscany and Emilia to offer the classic cured flavor that distinguishes it.

* Italian Herbs: As key elements of Italian cuisine, our herbs highlight the flavor of the dish without becoming protagonists. We select fresh herbs that represent Italian cuisine.

* Products of denomination of protected origin: Great part of our ingredients, from spices to cold meats are brought from Italy.

Cenacolo is proud to prepare dishes with the authentic Mediterranean flavor. Our ingredients, in conjunction with our atmosphere and menu have managed to bring a piece of Italy to Mexico.

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