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Burrata: more than a velvety cheese

One of the most used cheeses in Italian cuisine is burrata, a name derived from its resemblance to butter, burro in Italian; Its creamy and smooth texture is very similar.

Its origin is relatively recent compared to the traditional Italian cheeses. Without there being unanimity in the specific geographical point, many versions coincide in placing the creation of the burrata in the region of Puglia, in southern Italy, wherein the thirties of the last century a dairy establishment of that population devised the way to take advantage the leftover remains of the production of mozzarella, another star cheese from Italy.

Since then, what was originally a humble dish, now became a privilege. This Italian delight has traveled to many countries of the world and is highly appreciated for its special consistency, as it melts in the mouth providing salty, creamy and smooth sensations that are very pleasant.

Its particular bag shape is composed of a Mozzarella sheet approximately one centimeter thick outside, filled with Stracciatella (cream cheese derived from the same mozzarella procedure), which provides a velvety, creamy texture and a fresh flavor.

Being made from fresh cheese, it must be consumed within a period not exceeding three days from the moment of its elaboration, so it will faithfully retain all its unique characteristics.

We invite you to taste our dishes accompanied with this delicious and creamy ingredient, world icon of traditional Italian cuisine:

  • The Classic Caprese Salad with Burrata
  • Bruschetta with Burrata
  • Cold Tomato Soup with Burrata
  • Penne a la Sorrentina with Burrata

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