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Pasta has been known for a long time. The history of this delicious dish begins 7,000 years ago, when wheat became essential to create good pasta.

It did not take long to become known worldwide and to become an icon.

Over the years, its origin remains, and to make this fine and delicious pasta, they mix flour, water and egg by hand, immediately they knead the mix, until obtaining that elastic dough that is left to dry and then cooked.

Cenacolo has maintained this tradition for over 35 years. Each dish is freshly made, the pasta is handmade, some of our pastas are made at your table. The style of this ancient recipe continues.

Currently the main pasta productor is Italy. Their nutritional contributions are high, this increases much more when they are stuffed.

Among what distinguishes us from many, is the conservation and respect for the seasoning of Romagnola Cuisine. The dishes of Emilia Romagna cuisine are, without a doubt, the most substantial and varied of all Italian cuisines.

Its cuisine is very modest and is based on agricultural products and seafood, creating traditional dishes for the region, such as lasagna, pasta with filling and tortellini.

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Dishes such as the green hats are some of the favorites, because in addition to being handmade, they are cooked with butter and a touch of fresh sage, which enhances the flavors and takes the gastronomic experience to another level.

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