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The word pairing appears in the fourteenth century, from pairing, which comes from the Latin maritare, referring to a union, in this case it would be the union of flavors.

Pairing is one of the most used words in the gastronomic industry, as it is the way to combine a meal with the drink that best suits it.

Normally the pairing refers to combinations of food and wines, and the sommelier is in charge of recommending each combination of flavors, with the sole purpose that each person can get a unique experience in their food.

It always seeks to highlight and enhance the flavors of each ingredient in the dish, in order to generate harmony in the meal as a whole.

One of the most requested and loved foods in the world is Italian Food, and what better than accompanying it with a pairing of Italian wines, highlighting that these are one of the few with native grapes.

There is always a good wine to accompany an Italian dish, whether it is a white wine or a red wine, it depends a lot on the dish.

At Cenacolo we want you to live the complete gastronomic experience and thats why we have such distinguished Italian wines, so that they can accompany each dish, and achieve that union of flavors that will allow you to travel in your mind to Italy. The flavors are original and we seek to maintain that line in everything.

The different grapes that exist allow the wine to be adapted to all tastes, from dry wines to fruitier ones, that will depend on each diner, but what is clear to us is that there is always a unique pairing for each person.

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