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Salvia, a unique aroma for Italian cuisine.

Mediterranean cuisine is recognized worldwide for the use of aromatic plants that offer unique flavors, improving and highlighting the rest of the ingredients that make up each dish, bringing to them a characteristic personality.

The sage is one of the most valued aromatic plants of our romagnola gastronomic tradition. Nowadays it's better known for its gastronomic use, however, it has been present in medicine and cosmetics since ancient times. Like other plants such as oregano and mint, sage is a perennial plant, its leaves don’t fall and it’s long lasting. It looks rustic and grows easily in dry places.

In Italian cuisine, sage can be used fresh or dried in different preparations. Fresh gives light and limonite notes; however, when used dry, these notes become stronger, with moldy hay aromas.

Due to its high content of essential oils, it's ideal for flavoring butter and oils for the preparation of creams and pastes. No matter in what presentation it is used, the sage has an affinity for dense, sweet, strongly salted or deep products, benefiting from its intensity and its pleasantly bitter finish.

At Cenacolo we use this fresh plant in our dish Green Hats, giving it a unique flavor and smell to butter that perfectly incorporates all the flavors. We invite you to enjoy it, they will make you live a unique gastronomic moment.

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