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Cappelletti in Brodo: An authentic Italian Tradition

One of the traditional dishes from the Emilia Romagna region that has been enjoyed since the 1800s, especially during Easter and Christmas celebrations is Cappelletti in Brodo.  In Italian, Cappelletti is the plural diminutive of Cappello or hat and brodo means broth.

Its rich flavor is described by some as a culinary phenomenon. It is difficult to draw a straight line of origin due to its popularity. It was first recorded in Reggio Emilia, where the use of its primary ingredients like veal and parmesan cheese were widespread.

The preparation of cappelletti is characterized by the peculiar way in which the pasta is folded in on itself and the use of ricotta cheese which in combination with the veal create a filling with a creamy texture which brings out the aroma of the spices and the flavor of the broth.

Although many variations in preparations exist, tradition is a vital element in each one. Preparing the pasta and the filling by hand ensures a precise harmony between perfectly cooked pasta and an exquisite flavor.

By making each cappelletti by hand at Cenacolo we, seek to emphasize the traditional flavors of the Divina Cucina Romagnola. We invite you to sit at our table and delight yourself with the exquisite blend of textures and flavors of the Cappelletti in Brodo. At Cenacolo we hope to share the magic of the traditional romagnola cuisine. We are offering this amazing dish during Easter week, exclusively. Join us and be delighted!

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