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Cucina Romagnola, the heart of Italian Cusine

What makes us love Italian cooking? Its very successful tour around the world is greatly owed to the honoring of its traditions while still leaving the way open for creativity, captivating the palate of millions.


Because of the cultural differences of each region and the historical role of Italy, its cooking has developed different hues that highlight Mediterranean cuisine, always finding unique ways of surprising diners. The food of the Emilia-Romagna Region is the prime example of the merging of ingredients and their distinctive flavors and has been defined as the heart of Italian culinary arts.


The Cucina Romagnola’s title is wholly merited as it melds a great variety of local ingredients and flavors as well as the use of generous seasoning, meat, fish, sausages, cold cuts, and cheeses. Another reason it is considered so is due to its contribution of two key ingredients in Italian cuisine: Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and one of the most refined kinds of vinegar, Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale (balsamic vinegar), which goes hand in hand and heightens the flavor in several dishes.


Besides being recognizable for its flavors that have captivated the heart of diners, the Cucina Romagnola is also known as a pioneer, inventing many different kinds of pasta such as lasagna, tagliatelle, cappelletti, ravioli and many more. The same goes for many types of bread that have accompanied these flavorful dishes throughout the entire region that today is a gastronomic tourism destination that you simply must not pass over when you visit Italy.


Creativity guided by tradition make the Emilia-Romagna standout from the norm of chefs from all across Italy and continues to inspire both restauranteurs and home chefs. Do not miss our following blog posts where we will continue to discover the most popular flavors and ingredients of the Cucina Romagnola.

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