Carbonara spaghetti

A transcendental dish in Italian cuisine is the Spaghetti Carbonara, a delicacy that has conquered millions of families around the world and has become one of the favorites of our guests.

Its name comes from “carbone” which means coal in Italian, and its origin takes place in 1839 in the Apennines, an area representative of mining activity. It is said that the workers named it as such because they took some pasta dishes that should be served when cooked so that the egg does not set, however the addition of the Pancetta or Bacon arrived until 1944, at the end of the Second World War. World; the story tells that at that time, the soldiers only relied on eggs and bacon for food so one day in Italy they asked for the dish to be prepared and, as in Italy it is a tradition that everything is mixed with pasta, they mixed all the ingredients and thus they worked a delicious dish that changed history, although it should be noted that with the passage of time the Spaghetti Carbonara has been modernized by adding cream from other regions and onions.

The perfect way to pair this delicacy is with a red wine like the Poggio Torto I.G.T. an elegant nose wine with notes of red, black fruit, spices and notes of wood, in the mouth is characterized by a good body with a firm tannin, fruity and spicy notes with a soft finish.

Simple, delicious and traditional, we leave you the perfect recipe for you to enjoy the Italian flavor at home.



*1 liter of water
* 250 grams of pasta
* 100 Grams of bacon
* 2 Pieces of egg
1 Teaspoon of butter
* 150 grams of Parmesan cheese
*Olive oil

1.- Heat ¾ of water in a pot.

2.- Cut the bacon into squares and put it in a pan with olive oil, salt and pepper.
3.- Beat the eggs and season with salt and pepper.
4.- When the water boils, put the pasta in the pot.
5.- After boiling it, strain it.
6.- Put the pasta in the pot and add the bacon, egg, butter and Parmesan cheese.
7.- Stir well and serve hot.

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