Incredibly simple to make and full of flavor, talking about the Tagliata is talking about a dish that is recognized all over the world. Tagliata is a term that translates from the Italian “cut” and is a dish composed of slices of thin cuts accompanied by vegetables that, together, form a delicacy worthy of even the most demanding palate. The origin of the Tagliata goes back to the region of Tuscany, specifically in Florence. It is considered that this dish is the modernized version of the famous “Bistecca alla fiorentina” whose preparation consists of a thick sirloin cut accompanied by its bone.

We know that all chefs have a particular style when it comes to presenting a dish, but we recommend using a piece of meat with a soft consistency in the recipe. The cooking time depends strictly on the thickness of the cut and the taste of the diner although in most cases, it is suggested to leave the Tagliata slightly cooked on the outside with a pink tone inside.

Due to the nature of the cut, which is lean meat, it is essential to accompany the Tagliata with a wine with medium body and light presence with fruity aftertaste.

Tagliata recipe for a portion.

1 steak entrecôte (high, at least 3 or 4 cm)
40 g of parmesan chips
Balsamic vinegar
Virgin olive oil

1.- Leave the meat out of the fridge for a while before cooking it, 45 min / 1 hour, to avoid cold inside.
2.- Heat the griddle before putting the entrecôte.
3.- Cook the entrecote 5 minutes per side. Do not twist it with a fork or sharp objects. If the entrecôte is leaky, it will not retain its juice and it will be less tasty.
4.- Remove the meat from the fire and slice it into cuts of about 2 cm.
5.- Arrange the cuts on a bed of arugula.
6.- Spread a few parmesan shavings on top and season with balsamic vinegar and oil from Modena.
Note 1: Since we like the flavor of the meat itself and the Parmesan already gives it the salty point, we don’t add salt. However, if you wish, it can be seasoned with a little salt and pepper before putting the Parmesan, the oil and The vinegar.
Note 2: The indicated cooking time is for a medium cooking point.


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