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Grana Padano Cheese

With a delicate flavor and strong aroma, one of the most loved and valued Italian gastronomic products both in Italy and abroad is Grana Padano Cheese.

Its name comes from the term grana that indicates its granular texture, and from the fact that it was produced exclusively in the Padana Plain until the 11th century. The propagation of its elaboration has spawned many varieties. In the 1950s Grana Padano obtained its protected designation of origin (PDO) and all its variations were unified under this term.

This semi-fat hard cheese is produced from cow milk and there are two distinct types: maggendo, made with milk extracted between spring and summer, and verengo, made with milk extracted between autumn and winter. Only wheels that stand up to the strict standards that the law dictates are marked with the four-leaf clover brand that indicates the province and cheese maker.

Its flavor does not impose itself, it blends perfectly with other ingredients of Italian cuisine; it’s usually served grated or in flakes, but to decide the best way to be used experts take into account the degree of aging.

The difference in aging makes for different types of Grana Padano. The freshest, ripened for about 12 months, is used more in cooked and baked dishes. Between 12 and 18 months, you get a medium maturation, a cheese ideal for melting and fillings with a slightly more intense flavor. Mature (18-24 months) and super mature cheeses (more than 24 months), which are drier and harder are more appropriate for grating and flaking.

In order to provide you with an authentic Italian experience, here at Cenacolo, we deliver Grana Padano straight from Italy. As a final touch to many of our pasta dishes, we place many ingredients inside the cheese wheel so that they can absorb the distinctive aroma and flavor of this traditional cheese. Visit us and ask for a pasta dish made right at your table. Delicious!

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