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The ideal place for your event

From weddings to corporate meetings, our dedicated team of events will give you an impeccable level of quality and service that only Cenacolo could guarantee you.

Platillo Cenacolo

At Cenacolo, we are here to make your event memorable …

Every detail, nuance and request that you require will be executed in collaboration with our sales team.


Your wedding in Cenacolo will be unique and unparalleled thanks to its approach and vision based on informality and elegance, in a restaurant that preserves the structural beauty of the Italian culture and culinary delight that will trap you in a fascinating atmosphere.


Cenacolo is the right place for your celebration or corporate meeting thanks to the spaces that are perfectly adapted to meet the needs of the organizations that host multiple special events and meetings.

Cenacolo has an extraordinary staff, professionally trained, talented and enthusiastic.

We guarantee your complete satisfaction.


At Grupo Cenacolo, we strive to make your dining experience perfect. In our private rooms beautifully designed for an atmosphere of casual elegance will create an unforgettable occasion.

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