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The Ligurian Star: Pesto

Before talking about pesto, we have to talk about Liguria. This region is the smallest in Italy, it has a simple kitchen with few ingredients, but of excellent quality. In its capital and most populated city, Genoa, they enrich the dishes with spices and aromas imported from the East. The finest olive oil can never be missing.

But the star product of the Ligurian cuisine, without discussion, is the pesto alla Genovese. This Italian region is the cradle of this green mix of basil, olive oil, pine nuts, garlic and grated cheese that has enchanted the whole world. The official recipe for this mixture dates back to the year 1800, but in reality it seems to come from an older tradition.

Other ingredients are added to the basic ingredients according to the geographical areas or taste of the chef, you can add crushed potatoes, fresh beans or own spices.

Experts agree that the most important thing is the quality of the ingredients; They say that the best basil is that of Para, a small town near Genoa. And in that the best pesto is obtained using the mortar of wood or stone, since the metals eliminate the flavor of the basil. The quantities vary according to the recipe, but a general rule is the ratio of 5 leaves of basil for each clove of garlic.

In Cenacolo we use stone mortar to preserve the flavors of basil, and with ingredients brought from Italy, we offer a delicious pesto that will be an unforgettable experience to your palate.

Recipe of pesto alla genovese

The pesto alla genovese is the representation of the union and affection of the Italian families. The presence of this food in your table has passed from generation to generation, transmitting the freshness and warmth through its tasting.

Each ingredient denotes the love with which it is prepared. The basil leaves and garlic should be completely fresh and very aromatic to the touch, as they are the essence that perfumes the dish. Pine nuts and olive oil, on the other hand, give body and texture to the sauce, although they can be substituted by similar foods, depending on the taste of the person preparing it.

The flavors should be highlighted with a pinch of salt and two different types of cheese, parmesan and pecorino (sheep’s). However, both the use and the quantity of these cheeses, depends on the region and the taste of the family, since they can be served directly to the dish, or else, use only the parmesan for the sauce and the pecorino served on the plate .

The mixture of these ingredients should result in a thick sauce, characterized by a subtle essence that envelops the place and seduces the palate. Your reserve will keep it fresh, without losing the smell or flavor.

In Cenacolo, we seek to offer you the same experience of flavors that surround the table of Italian families, so we keep the original recipe, with fresh ingredients and brought from Italy. Our pesto will make you feel in Italy without the need to travel.

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