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Tortellini: A Journey To The Old Italy And Its Flavors

A dish with a delicate balance between the soft filling and its al dente pasta. Its filling may vary depending on the region, but its exquisite flavor and the enveloping aroma of the accompanying sauce takes us back to ancient Italy and its history.

This dish originated in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. It is characterized by having a humble origin and being inspired by the navel of the goddess Venus, thus becoming the representation of beauty in food.

There are different ways to serve this dish, it can be with broth, sauce or cream, with a filling that can also vary. The traditional recipe is served in chicken broth, while the filling is pork, accompanied by parmesan cheese and nutmeg.

Experts recommend making the dough, filling and sauce at the moment to enjoy a 100% traditional and handmade dish. To highlight the characteristics of the traditional recipe, we recommend you to pardon it in parmesan cream, since it adds a thick texture that emphasizes the saucer’s flavors. The bacon fried in butter gives a strong flavor that contrasts with the filling of the pasta, while the reduced flour in chicken broth and cream make it take a creamy body.

In Cenacolo, we seek to highlight the flavors of Romagna cuisine. We invite you to sit at our table and enjoy the traditional flavors.

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