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Fresh Seafood Products

The marine ingredients have an exquisite flavor, offer a wide variety of sensations and pairing to the palate. To create an excellent dish of the sea and obtain unique gastronomic experiences, it is very important to take care of its freshness.

As connoisseurs of Italian cuisine, we always include fresh products to offer flavors and aromas that enhance the charm of the sea.

Such is the case of our “Salmon with Spinach” dish, where the fine cut of the spinach allows you to enjoy the softness of the fish and its succulent flavor, accompanied by a range of unique herbal aromas.

Also, our “Spaghetti AlleVongole del Capitan” is accompanied by delicious clams marinated in white wine, giving a combination of strong flavors with light touches of finely cut parsley. Also you can taste these clams steamed.

We create dishes with great personalities such as “The Angry Giant Shrimp” which, when baked on their plate, acquire a juicy and crunchy texture that harmonizes our special spicy tomato sauce that will make you want to repeat the experience.

In Cenacolo we bring to your table fresh ingredients and an ideal wine selection to pair with our seafood dishes. You can book now and experience endless emotions in every bite.

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