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Organic egg: a way to respect traditions

Eating a well-balanced diet is essential for an excellent quality of life. However, sometimes the food we eat does not contain the necessary nutrients for our body because of its mass production, this is the case of animal- origin proteins, especially eggs.

Besides mass production processes altering the natural benefits of the egg,  it changes its consistency, color, and flavor, making them unfit for preparation of exquisite and traditional dishes of Italian cuisine.

Our love for traditional Italian cuisine and for our guests motivates us to look for the freshest ingredients. This allows us to offer culinary creations with great nutritional value and unique flavors, this is why we only use 100% organic eggs in our dishes.

If you want to know how the egg connects with Italian traditions, try our delicious Spaghetti Alla Carbonara. It is a great opportunity to taste the eggs natural flavor, its warm colors highlight the natural tone of the pasta, while its freshness gives it a creamy texture, blending the robust flavor of the bacon and spices giving a velvety sensation to the palate.

In Cenacolo we seek to provide you with the best of experiences, so we invite you to enjoy our exquisite dishes made with the freshest and natural ingredients of traditional Italian cuisine.

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