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Rosemary, the Mediterranean essence

The use of spices in Mediterranean cuisine is world-renowned for having succulent properties, which stand out by combining them each others, obtaining exquisite flavors and scents that revolutionize the palate again and again.

Like many other fresh elements, spices are indispensable for Italian cuisine, and rosemary is one of the best-kept secrets by our experts. Despite having a rough texture, it is a plant with enveloping aromas, a delicious option to season or include in natural oils.

Its versatility in Mediterranean food is excellent because it adds a touch of pine, nutmeg, and lavender notes, giving the dishes a succulent flavor, perfectly combined with thyme, bay leaf, garlic or wine. Being the key to seasoning and giving the traditional Italian seasoning, the best Romanesque kitchens are not lacking.

In the Cucina of the Romagna region, the meats or poultry are accompanied by a cluster of fresh rosemary leaves. This contribution enhances the dish and turns this spice into a culinary tradition.

We invite you to taste our dishes created by experts in Cucina Romagnola. The spices we use will create special sensations that you will want to taste more than once. Visit us and live the Cenacolo Experience.

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