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Speck: Smoked ancestral ham.

Considered as a unique type of ham due to its unique flavor extracted from careful preparation and its dark color. Speck ham is one of the most remarkable ingredients in Italian food.

Pulled out from the best pieces of pork leg and made with ancient techniques such as “light smoked” and “salt aging”, Speck ham take us through the traditional flavors of the Val Di Fiemme Valley, located in the Trentino-Alto in northern Italy, which are wrapped in a delicate combination of spices, from which is highly noted the saffron and smoked flare, providing a strong taste to the palate and an unforgettable aroma.

This deep flavor allows being used in different preparations, generating a wide range of tastings, either as accompaniment, as the main element or as a gourmet snack.

Its versatility allowed it to be presented among different preparations and cuisines, such as Italian, Austrian and Spanish. However Italian food is the one that mixes it in a perfect balance with pasta, risotto and as a key ingredient in pizzas, although we can also find it in salads and fresh seafood.

In Cenacolo we seek to bring to your table the traditional Italian cuisine. We invite you to sit at our table and let yourself be seduced by the deep flavor of the Speck and its exquisite aroma.

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