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Edible flowers: nature on your palate

Different cultures around the world, such as Italian, have incorporated into their cuisine the use of fresh flowers in their dishes, turning this contribution into a trend in gourmet food.

Edible flowers are not only used as colorful and decorative elements in the dishes; they must be carefully selected so that their flavor is compatible with all the ingredients since the contribution of nuances of freshness and unusual flavors surprise diners, awakening all their senses.

Your choice depends on the colors in the presentations of each of the dishes, the flavor, and the shape of the flower.

They are mainly used in desserts, where their flavor contrasts with the sweetness of the dish, however, they are also combined with salty flavors that provide endless exquisite sensations to the palate.

Some of the most used flowers in fine dining are:

  • Lavender: Its citrus notes perfectly accompany sweet flavors.
  • Thoughts: Being so delicate and having a sweet aroma, they are popularly used as decoration.
  • Rose of China: Its mild blueberry and slightly acidic flavor makes it perfectly accompany drinks and desserts.
  • Calendula: Its acidic flavor makes it popularly used in salads.

In Cenacolo you can experience this combination of flavors in dishes such as Valentina Salad and Risotto Mare.

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